The 20-year-old start-up

Transiq was founded as a result of a long, in-depth analysis of the current state of translation technology, the shortcomings of the traditional translation industry “agency” model, and the new and evolving needs of today’s translation buyers.

It's also the result of a combination of two unique groups: a number of translation industry veterans with a track record as early adopters of language technology dating back to the early nineties and millions of words translated; and a young technical team with a passion for Internet technologies, language challenges and beautiful code.

They’ve joined forces to meet a certain business vision: a new place on the Internet where professionals and companies of any size can finally manage their translation projects in a way that takes advantage of today’s business, social, consumer and technical possibilities and trends: cloud computing, self-service, online storage, work flow automation... And why not? Even gamification, couponing and social media.

Welcome to Transiq. Online translation management. Human. Simple. In the cloud.