Terms and conditions


The contractual document that will govern the contracting of services through the domain www.transiq.com (hereinafter "Transiq"), is indicated below. Acceptance of this document also implies that the user:

a) Has read, understands and comprehends that set forth herein.

b) Is an individual with sufficient contracting capacity.

c) Assumes all the obligations expressed herein.

These conditions will be valid on a permanent basis and will apply to all contracting carried out in the Transiq www.transiq.com domain.

Transiq reserves the right to unilaterally modify these conditions for market or business reasons, without this affecting the orders generated before the modification.


"Customer" refers to the user of the service.

"Translator" refers to the internal and/or external translators that have been accredited to work as Transiq providers.

"Transiq server/s" refers to the server that houses the system to provide the service offered by the platform to the Customer and Translators.

"Online payment service" refers to the online banking or payment service that provides the functions to perform online billing.

Identification of the parties

On the one hand, the provider of the services contracted by the user is Transiq, a servicemark and trademark of Ampersand Traducció Automàtica, SL, with registered offices at calle Balmes, 195, 7.º 2.ª, 08006 Barcelona, Tax ID Code B60742780, recorded in the Trade Register of Barcelona, volume 27,869, sheet 188, page B-124,452, entry 1, e-mail address info@transiq.com, customer service telephone number (+34) 932 376 246; and, on the other hand, the Customer, registered on the web site with a user name and password, over which s/he has full responsibility as regards use and custody, and who is responsible for the accuracy and validity of the personal data provided to Transiq.

Purpose of the contract

The purpose of this contract is to regulate the contractual relationship for the provision of services between Transiq and the Customer when the latter, during the online contracting process, marks the corresponding box, completes the registration process and/or uses the service.

The contractual relationship involves the provision, in exchange for a fixed price which is publicly displayed on the web site, of a specific translation service.


Contracting may be conducted in Spanish, English or Catalan. In the event of any inconsistencies, the Catalan version of the general conditions of the contract shall prevail over other language versions.

In order to access the services offered in the www.transiq.com domain, the Customer is required to register via the web site by creating a user account. To do so, the Customer shall freely and voluntarily provide any required personal data.

The Customer will choose a user name and password, and agrees to make diligent and secure use of these items as well as not to make them available to third parties. The Customer will inform Transiq if these items are lost or stolen, or if unauthorized third parties have gained possible access, to allow Transiq to immediately block access.

For his/her user name, the Customer may not choose words or expressions that aim to confuse others into believing s/he is an integral member of Transiq, nor may s/he use expressions that are rude, slanderous or, in general, that are against the law, moral principles or acceptable conduct.

In accordance with the terms stipulated in Article 27 of the Information Society and E-Commerce Services Act 34/2002, it is hereby stated that once a user account has been created, the contracting process will follow these steps:

The Customer accesses the quote web page called "Quote" and may proceed in the following two ways:

i) Upload to the server one or more files that s/he would like to translate.

ii) Manually upload to the server the text that s/he would like to translate.

Once the user's text or files have been received on the server of the www.transiq.com domain, the following procedure is performed for all received text/files:

1. Verification to ensure file formats are valid.

2. Text extraction from the document and word count.

3. Once the text is extracted, detection of the language in which it is written.

4. Calculation of the translation cost of the document/file according to the number of words and language.

5. Calculation of estimated delivery time.

6. The Customer is sent a services quote.

The Customer is then able to make the payment, which will begin the translation order process. The Customer must therefore fill out the form which requests invoicing details. The system will revalidate the order and, once it has determined that there are no errors, the Customer will be redirected to the payment service in order to pay for the service.

Under all circumstances, once the service has been contracted, Transiq's contracting platform will electronically inform the user of the characteristics, price, order date and the estimated delivery date of the ordered translation.

Payment methods and system

Payment for translation orders can be made via PayPal.

Orders will be sent after payment confirmation from the Customer, never before. If 15 days lapse from the Customer order confirmation date and payment has not yet been received, Transiq reserves the right to cancel the order, thereby terminating the previously confirmed contract conditions.

Price and validity period of the offer

The rates indicated for each service do not include value added tax (VAT), other taxes or cross-border fees that may be applicable. These rates shall be established and modified periodically and independently in euros (€) and American dollars ($). During the period of validity of the rates (that is, until subsequent modification), the relationship between both is fixed and arbitrary, although approximately equal to the exchange rate between them at the time of establishment or modification, and subsequently rounded off.

The prices that apply to each service are those that are displayed on the web site and are automatically applied during the last stage of the contracting process.

All payments made to Transiq will entail the issue of an invoice made out to the registered user. This invoice may be accessed via the Customer's dashboard and will also be sent via e-mail when the order payment has been confirmed.

For any information about the order, the Customer may use the Transiq customer service telephone number, which is (+34) 932 376 246, and may also write an e-mail to info@transiq.com. Under all circumstances, the order number assigned and indicated in the confirmation e-mail received by the Customer when contracting the service must be indicated in the subject header or to the customer service department.

Governing law and jurisdiction

These conditions are governed or interpreted according to Spanish legislation when terms are not expressly stipulated. Transiq and the Customer, when permitted under current legislation, agree to comply with the courts and tribunals of Barcelona (Spain) regarding any disputes that could arise in the provision of services included in these conditions, and expressly waive all other jurisdictions.