Full online and application-style interface

Full online and application-style interface

Enjoy Transiq’s complete, cloud-based translation project management environment.

  • Start and edit your projects anytime: at work, at home or while you’re traveling.
  • Be in control and save time and money with Transiq’s self-service approach.
  • Don’t download or install anything on your computer.
  • Work from any connected devices and use your favorite web browser.
  • Enjoy Transiq’s browser-based, OS-independent experience.
Rich project and language asset management

Rich project and language asset management

Control your translations from end to end with Transiq’s project configuration and tracking features.

  • Create, configure and get quotes for translation projects on the fly.
  • Use your personal dashboard to edit, track and control your projects.
  • Import and draw on your existing language assets (glossaries, translation memories, etc.)
  • Manage translation projects in any major file format (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .xls, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .html, .po, .xliff).
  • Organize, browse and sort files and projects with Gmail-style IQ tags.
Optimal translation process automation

Optimal translation process automation

Enjoy the advantages of Transiq’s translation project automation for optimum efficiency and confidentiality.

  • Maintain project confidentiality with the Transiq self-service approach.
  • Minimize human error thanks to Transiq’s work flow automation.
  • Save time and stay productive by cutting out superfluous, error-prone human communication.
  • Use Transiq to standardize your team’s translation project procedures.
  • Skip the backup—Transiq does that for you!
Powerful yet simple interface and processes

Powerful yet simple interface and processes

Learn to use Transiq’s feature-packed and intuitive interface in minutes with help from its convenient support options.

  • Be productive from day one thanks to Transiq’s simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Draw on Transiq’s streamlined processes which reflect real-life user scenarios.
  • Have a clear picture of the project with Transiq’s uniform and predictable processes.
  • User-oriented design.
  • Get all the support you need from Transiq’s extensive help and support options.