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For customers

What is Transiq? What is it NOT?

Transiq is an online platform providing efficient, high-quality translation project management to global companies, small businesses and professionals.

Transiq is not a translation marketplace, nor a translation crowdsourcing platform, nor a machine translation service.

What makes using Transiq so convenient?

Transiq’s web interface and underlying software engine automate and simplify all steps of traditional translation project management: quoting, uploading, ordering, configuring, tracking and paying are just some of the once slow, complex and error-prone processes that are rendered fast, simple and efficient by Transiq’s online service. Plus the usual advantages of any cloud-based online service: Transiq is always available, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, right from any connected device running any OS.

What are the cost advantages of Transiq?

By simplifying and automating the most common project management tasks, not only does Transiq give you total freedom to configure and manage your projects the way you want, but it also cuts translation costs by up to 40%. That’s why Transiq can offer you very competitive rates without compromising translation quality.

What file formats are supported?

See below for currently supported file formats. Transiq’s technical team is constantly working to add more. Most digital, editable file formats will be supported by Transiq sooner or later.

What languages are supported?

We currently support the following languages:

Transiq’s vendor management team is working hard to include more translators and more languages.

What if my documents, file formats or languages are not supported by Transiq?

Transiq’s advantages in terms of speed, convenience and cost are only possible when submitted documents are in a digital, editable form, and in a supported file format and, of course, language pair. For those special instances where Transiq can’t be used, you may still use one of the many good, professional, traditional translation agencies near you.

Is Transiq a translation marketplace?

No. Transiq is not a simple database application connecting customers and translators in exchange for a fee. Transiq does a lot more, before and after the translation process: besides providing a platform with sufficient tools for customers to manage their translation projects, Transiq selects, trains and coordinates its own stable set of staff and external translators. Transiq supervises and quality-controls their work. Transiq therefore makes significant contributions across the translation value chain.

Is Transiq based on crowdsourcing?

No. While translation crowdsourcing may certainly work in certain environments, Transiq only works with professional, highly skilled translators who unsurprisingly expect to be paid for their work. There is also no “auctioning” of translations. That would get Transiq, and you, the cheapest translators, but not the best.

Is Transiq an automatic translation service?

No. Transiq is an automated project management platform, but translations themselves are done by Transiq's team of 100% human translators.

Does Transiq use automatic translation?

Automatic (or machine) translation is not one of Transiq's key production technologies. Transiq's translation team does use a wide array of language technologies, and machine translation may or may not be used in a specific project, depending on its characteristics. And whenever it’s used, it’s only to support and expedite--not replace--professional, human translation.

What are Transiq’s payment options?

For now, you can pay by PayPal, meaning we accept all major credit cards. Transiq’s technical team is currently developing more payment options. For further information or to suggest a different payment system, please contact Transiq's sales department.

How safe is payment with Transiq?

It’s just as safe as any other online service using PayPal for payment purposes, and there are millions of them! PayPal is the leader in online payment systems, holding 14 years of experience and processing over $315 million in payments per day. You also have the additional guarantee of your credit card and, very likely, your own bank. Under normal circumstances, online payment safety is pretty much a resolved issue for corporate and individual customers nowadays. If this is still a concern for you, contact Transiq's sales department to explore an alternative payment option.

What are IQ points?

IQ points are the way Transiq passes its efficiencies back to you. After each translation project is finished, Transiq awards discounts (or IQ points) to your account for future jobs. The amount of IQ points awarded on a translation job depends on a number of project-specific factors, namely total word count, internal repetition of texts and similarity to documents you have previously translated with Transiq. So, the more you use Transiq to manage your translation projects, the more you save! Special, temporary discounts are also offered now and then (and whenever they are, you'll know). While the exact IQ-point formula, and how its parameters are calculated, is one of Transiq's little secrets, you certainly get to reap the benefits!

What is “repetition”?

Repetition is a feature of texts by the same author or on the same subject whereby words, groups of words or expressions, or even full sentences and paragraphs, appear more than once in a document or a set of documents, or in subsequent versions of a document. Repetition is the basis of so-called “translation memory” technology, and is the basis of Transiq's discounts and IQ points. In theory, Transiq's repetition discounts can be up to 60%. In practice, repetition discounts (or “translation memory discounts”) greatly vary from project to project. A text that is repeated 100% (that is, a maximum 60% Transiq repetition discount) is obviously rare, but repetitions of 10-30% are fairly common in many types of “cyclic” or frequently updated documents.

Do you offer support?

The whole idea of Transiq is to provide customers with a complete, automated solution to manage their translation projects on their own, with no need to e-mail or call anyone. But whenever the system is not sufficiently self-explanatory, or whenever special circumstances arise, Transiq’s support team is here to help.

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I have other questions. How can I ask them?

Use Transiq's standard contact form below, or simply e-mail or call.

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For translators

What are the advantages of working for Transiq?

Transiq provides all of its translators with a stable, predictable and uniform working environment to work and interact without the distractions, miscommunications and errors of traditional e-mail or phone-based communication which is typical of translation agencies. Transiq is also a great way to organize and get translation work done, thanks to its translation and project management tools and systems.

What qualifications do I need to start working for Transiq?

While Transiq provides specific training and support, Transiq only works with qualified translators boasting a proven work record and sufficient equipment from the outset. Some knowledge of a foreign language, spare time and a connected computer is certainly not enough.

What equipment or software do I need to work for Transiq?

Working for Transiq does not require special equipment beyond a good computer and a broadband connection.

Does Transiq provide training and support for translators?

Transiq provides training and access to Transiq’s platform, and to any additional software you may need. The usual learning curve is steep.

Do I have to “bid” for the lowest price to secure a job from Transiq?

No. Transiq's customers are cost-conscious, and so is Transiq (and so are you!), but rates are just one more factor in Transiq's automated formula for awarding projects. Translators do not bid on individual projects, and are not expected to be extremely cheap. It doesn’t correlate well with quality.

OK, I’m in! How can I apply to be a Transiq translator?

Please fill out Transiq's translator application form below.

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