The benefits of using Transiq vs. a traditional translation agency

Traditional Translation Agency
Real-time project tracking No Yes FREE

No need to call or write anyone, or wait for answers or callbacks (plus, forget about "business hours").

Automatic backup No Yes FREE

Never lose a translation or glossary file again.

24/7 service No Yes FREE

On the Internet, there is no such thing as office hours, time zones or public holidays.

IQ tags No Yes FREE

Instantly organize and leverage your exclusive repository of files and language assets with IQ tags and Transiq’s search capabilities.

Enhanced confidentiality No Yes FREE

Thanks to Transiq’s highly automated environment, there are less eyes on your files throughout the entire translation process.

Standardized procedures No Yes FREE

Traditional agencies rely on project managers with a variety of backgrounds, skills and work methods which you sometimes need to adapt to; Transiq relies on uniform, standard procedures you can depend on.

Better communication No Yes FREE

Cut the chitchat with your sales contact or your PM. When you just need the job done, Transiq is your focused, practical solution.

Fewer errors No Yes FREE

More automation means less human error. It’s that simple.

Constant interface and feature updates No Yes FREE

The Transiq team continues to develop new procedures and options to make your work more focused, efficient and productive.

Support No Yes FREE

Transiq supports you all the way through help sections, tips and tricks, free training and direct feedback from Transiq's support team.

Compatibility No Yes FREE

You don’t have to be compatible with anybody’s operating system, software or file formats.

Discounts No Yes FREE

With IQ points and discounts, translating with Transiq is more affordable the more you use it.

Price transparency No Yes FREE

Having trouble finding or understanding your agency rates? Not with Transiq! Our rates system is simple and transparent.